Jeff Faust

About Me

Genesee-N-Ontario member since 2003
N scaler since 1976
Model railroader since birth

Email: moc.liamg|24tsuafj#moc.liamg|24tsuafj

My Modules

"All you guys talking about making T-Trak look like some sort of furniture are creeping me out."
— Mike Moore


I design and build modules with the goals of easy setup, reliable operation, and attractive appearance. Sure, it takes work, but remember: you only have to build it once; you'll be using it over and over.

Design and Construction Notes:

All modules use 33mm "alternate" track spacing, and feature padded adjustable feet. Unless otherwise noted, Kato Unitrack is used throughout.

Most of my modules are built with two-inch fascias, which you might want to consider for your next module. As long as you're at it, why not bend them, too?

Some of my straight modules are built to non-standard lengths. Dimensions are given.

Straight modules:

Corner modules:

Reverse loops (or things serving as such):

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