Josh Murrah

About Me or What I Like Most About T-Trak


I have been a model railroading fan since I was a kid and got my first Tyco set in around 1980. I became an active member of SWARM in 2016 and jumped into N-scale modeling. Being new to the scale, I decided to go with the t-trak standards for brand of trackage/radii since I didn't know what I was doing, and the rest just fell into place.

My Modules

Staging yard
Wooded balloon loop
Silo balloon loop
33mm to 25mm pair
Arduino Crossing triple
Rumble in the Woods inside corner
Legos on the mind
Wind Turbines
Bridges Junction

My Trains

I run a UP mixed freight theme, pinned somewhere in the mid/late 50's, along with other appropriate area roads.

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