Josh W

About Me or What I Like Most About T-Trak

I joined NVNTRAK in 2004 with my Father while I was still in elementary school and created my first TTRAK modules in 2008 (Thing-1 and Thing Two (now re-purposed...)). I recently got back into model railroading in 2015 after graduating college and settling into a new job.

My Grandfather built miniature houses which has influenced me to continue with the craft. As an artist/photographer I missed building and creating models while away at college and I believe model railroading has given me the ability to express my creativity.

I am currently working on a self sustaining loop of the town of Springfield from The Simpsons. This will be the third rendition of the model that I am hoping will last longer than the previous two. The original modules were done as a NTRAK POFF. The reason I got back into model railroading is because after seeing the TTRAK craft evolve over the years it has now shown me that more can be accomplished with smaller sectionals instead of trying to cramp buildings and scenery onto one POFF.

My Modules

Module Type
Cletus' Shack (Rural Route 9) Flat Corner
Old Simpson's Farm (Rural Route 9) Flat Corner
West Springfield Oil Rig Mountain Corner
Mountain Corner #2 (Being Re-purposed) Mountain Corner
Maple Street (Moe's Tavern) Single
Tomacco Stand (Rural Route 9) Single
Camping Single (Re-purposed) Single
Thing Two (Re-purposed) Single
Nuclear Power Plant Single
Royal King Trailer Park (Spittle County) Single
Evergreen Terrace Double
Downtown/Town Hall Double

My Trains

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