Judah R.

About Me or What I Like Most About T-Trak

I like the portability of T-Trak and also how you can have a lot of different scenes on a layout without having to stick to one general theme.

Bio info here.

My Modules

Cali 66
Ms. Chessie
Erway Dairy Farm

My Trains

Kato SD70ACe, NS #1065 S&A
Fox Valley SD70ACE, NS #1046
Kato E8A, VIA #1800
BLI E7A w/sound, UP #986A
Life-Like FA1, MoPac #320
Life-Like FB1, MoPac #325-B
Atlas MP15DC, Seaboard #5030
Atlas B23-7, NS #3975
Atlas B23-7, Southern #3989
Atlas B40-8, Southern Pacific #8013

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