Junction with Through Route

Built By: Dave Ferrari

Description: This module is a Triple-Wide, Full-Depth (14-3/8" deep) module. It uses a T-Kit of this size. I worked out the plan in AnyRail5 before I tested it on a module, this plan is the result after the second attempt.


While the front (upper) track looks longer, the track adds up to 932 mm on both lines. I don't like the #4 Kato turnouts so I stuck with #6's. To make it work, I had to use a couple 9-3/4" 15 degree curves on each leg of the diverging route. I don't think that will kill it for most equipment that will run on 11" radius curves anyway, especially as they are at opposite ends of a 45 degree 11" piece. For me, that's a fair trade-off (#4 v. 9-3/4"). At the Atlantic City show in April 2015 we did have trouble with an E-8 running through the curved part of the junction.


The T-Kits "Deep Triple" is perfect for this junction.

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