KC T-Nuts

Location: Kansas City, MO

T-TRAK Standards: Alternate Spacing

DCC: Digitrax, Wi-Fi throttles; Z scale is DC-only

AnyRail Master Library (very much a work in progress): KC Module Library.any

We are a multiple scale T-TRAK club based in the Kansas City area. We currently have N and Z scale layouts. We used to have an HO scale layout, but we were severely lacking in members to maintain and operate on those modules, so they have been transferred to a former club member living in Kansas. If we were to gain some new members interested in building T-TRAK-HO modules, we would gladly build a new HO scale layout, but those members would need to be able to store all of the modules at their homes between shows. We currently have a small N scale layout at Midwest Model Railroad in Independence, Missouri, but we would like to have a layout in a location that is accessible outside of Midwest's business hours.

Our club standard follows the T-TRAK standards with one notable exception: Our N scale modules are wired with Anderson Powerpole connectors instead of the standard Kato/Tamiya connectors. However, we can easily accommodate modules that are wired with Kato/Tamiya connectors minimal effort using adapter cables. Our Z scale modules are wired BWWB with Anderson Powerpole connectors, as is the T-TRAK-Z standard.

Our club is comprised of two clubs that were formerly part of Traintown KC at the Ward Parkway mall in Kansas City, the Weekend 'N' Gineers and the Southern Kansas City Model Railroad Historical Society. After Traintown left the mall, the two clubs both began exploring options for their sudden lack of dedicated operating space. T-TRAK was the perfect fit, as the smaller modules enabled the clubs to quickly set up operational layouts, even without much space to set up in. The clubs came together to form the KC T-Nuts, and until recently were operating small layouts in the basement of the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Hall.

Between club-owned and member-owned modules, we are able to rebuild our N scale layout every few months to provide a fresh operating experience for club members to run their trains, and we are able to create quite extensive layouts when we attend a show.

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