Keith G

About Me

Greetings! My name is Keith George and I am an Educational Technology Specialist from Alabama and must consider myself a novice modeler. I am a self-proclaimed geek and spend most of my working time utilizing technology and exploring ways for teachers to more effectively integrate technology into instruction.

I have been interested in N Scale for several years but because of job and family life, I am just now getting serious about creating my modules. All of the modules I have planned will be related so that I could possibly set them up as a home layout.

My Modules

Rural Hub of Industry
Hoosier Farm Co-op
Anderson Township Endcap
Liberty Coal
Madison County Yard
Killbuck Creek Endcap
Campbell Express Service

My Trains

I haven't been able to figure out how to model the Interurbans from the 1920's-30's that once roamed my hometown in a way consistent with my 1950's era layout so I have a Doodlebug that still makes occasional runs.


Wish List

There are several parts of larger structure kits that I am interested in locating someone that has the kit but does not need all of the parts. For instance, I would love to find someone that has the Quality Meats Stock Yard that does not need one or two pens, one loading ramp and a shed. I am also looking for one shed/building from the Walters and Sons Lumber Company.

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