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About Me or What I Like Most About T-Trak

My father had been a modeller (in HO scale) when he was a teenager and up until I myself became a teenager. As a young boy, I enjoyed playing with my Dad's trains and "helping" him with his layout in our basement. I never started my own layout for a number of different reasons, including space constraints. Now that I am a bit older, I wanted to get into the joy of modelling, but I have a small house with 3 kids, a wife, and no spare rooms. This it what has lead me to T-TRAK.

With T-TRAK, I have been able to enjoy modelling, get out with friends to run trains while only taking up a few shelves in the basement. My goal right now is to have enough modules that I can run a small oval in the basement when room allows for it, but can also put them away on the shelves when the room has to be used for other things.


My Modules ( 10 )

Other Modules

"Plywood Pacific" modules — ones that I have built and added track, but have not officially named/have plans for/glued down scenery/etc. Just keeping track of them here until they get a real plan and name.

  • Junction 1 - below track scenery (Junction seen in the upper right corner of the layout above)
  • Single with crossover - designing to go between church corner and freight house
  • Standard Corner - Grass (Standard corner with deck painted green)
  • Standard Corner - Snow (Standard corner with deck painted white)
  • Japanese Double - double module with Japanese theme scenery.
  • Bridge Double - Rockville Bridge over water

Modules I built, but are owned by others.

I find the T-1-TRAK deviation interesting, and likely will do something with it. Here is link to all pages tagged with "t1-trak" :

My Custom Locomotives/Rolling Stock

Listing all my stuff would be pretty tedious, and I already do that on So figured I would use this area to share my custom jobs.

Kato 'pocket' Freight

I purchased 2 of the Kato Pocket Line Freight sets (before Kato released the US / Orange version). One locomotive, I customized into a TCKR diesel locomotive. Added windows, added engineer, removed panograph, and a few additional details.


The other locomotive I left with the default road markings (EB221) but added some details. (added windows & an engineer, yellow painted the base, and replaced couplers). I then added loads to the 4 pieces of rolling stock, and for the breakman "dog house", I added windows and the breakman.


TCKR 50-ton

Originally purchased a B&O painted Bachmann GE 44T and repainted it to represent the TCKR 50-ton.


TCKR 462

Originally purchased a Penn Central painted Arnold EMD SW1 and repainted it to represent the TCKR #462.

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