Keystone Modules

Please feel free to add your own module pages and pictures.
Read Guidelines for Adding Modules and Club Members to Site.

Remember to set tags for each module page you add. Tags you should use include:

For the size use: "single", "double", "triple", "quad", "corner", "junction" or "yard"
If the module is part of a set, in addition to the size tag add: "set"
If it has track power drops use: "power"
For special track use: "crossover", "siding", "spur"
For specific scenery use: "water", "snow", 'tunnel', "bridge", "station", etc.
For powered effects use: "LED", "lights", "sound", "motorized", "smoke"
For specific theme categories use: "Scifi", etc.

The List of Modules ( 3 )

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