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Kibuneguchi is the second last station on the Eizan Electric Railway Kurama Line, in the mountains to the north of Kyoto.

The Tomytec station kit looks very similar to the real station, although the real station is on a trestle with an overpass over the road. I've made the town a bit more developed than it really is.

I visited the area in 2003, and walked over Mt Kurama, ending up at Kibuneguchi. The walk is described in the Lonely Planet "Hiking in Japan" guidebook.

As I arrived there, it started to rain, and there was some wet cement at the station entrance, with a sign in Japanese. The only problem was that I didn't understand what the sign said until after I'd put my foot in the cement. I frantically tried to find the workers who had laid the cement, but a lady in a shop told me that they'd just gone home for the day. I then tried to get as much cement off my shoes as possible and caught the next train out of there. While I was on the platform, I heard a couple of school girls come along and giggle at the footprint in the cement. I've recreated this scene on the module - it's a funny story now, but I felt pretty embarrassed at the time.

Module overview.
Narrow street alongside the station.
Schoolgirls laughing at the footprint in the cement. The cement mixer wasn't really there, but it helps to tell the story.
This photo was taken not far up the road from the station. There were a lot of traditional style houses, so I've included a couple of these on the left side of the module. The railway crosses over the stream on a bridge, but that might be a scene for another module.
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