Large Radius Corners

Built By: Steve Jackson



This pair or corners use the Kato super-elevated large radius curved tracks. Each module uses one 45 degree section from the Kato 20-181 (381mm/414mm Radius 45º (15" - 16 3/8") CT Double Track Superelevated Curve Track [2 pcs]) package as well as both easements from the Kato 20-182 (381mm/414mm Radius 22.5º (15" - 16 3/8") CT Double Track Easement Curve Track Right and Left).


These modules started off at 18 1/4" square using the dimensions posted by Nathan M of COTTEN to the yahoo t-trak group. I knew that I wanted to have a curved fascia on these modules and I could have marked the curve in several ways, but in the end, I attached the track, marked 1 1/2" from the front of the track all the way around and then removed the track before I cut the module. The curve is basically 18 1/4" radius. Each end piece is 8 1/4" deep where it meets the adjacent module since that is the depth of a standard module. I have several modules which have that depth, so I matched it. In order to cut the back corner, I draw a mark 8 1/4" from the front of the module on each end of the curve and then connecting the marks. The cut ended up being 14 1/8" long.


The top of the module is 1/4" plywood. The straight sides are 1"x3" pine and the curved side is 1/8" masonite. I divided the curved fascia into three and installed two additional supports for the curved fascia at the 1/3 and 2/3 location. I installed the legs for the module in these supports; however, I don't think I would put them so close to the module if I were to do it again because I find that the modules tip easily when I am working on the scenery.

While no modules are ever really complete, as of summer 2012, these are still being sceniced; however, I hope to have them complete enough to make their debut in Sept. Here are the two modules:

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