Built By: A five year old and his dad (dad is me - Tim W.).

Description: This was my 5 year olds idea. He wanted to combine the legos he loves with the trains we both love. Initially I had no IDEA how we were going to get the rather large lego world shrunk down to be N scale but luckily the lego folks solved that problem for us.

We were at the lego store - he had been a good boy and was getting a treat - when we saw the VIP lego set it looked roughly n scale so I bought it (ouch) and brought it home to see if we could build a double module out of it.

What has resulted is really cooler than we both thought it would be. Ironically the mini buildings the lego folks made were really close to n scale if not dead on. I was kind of surprised we could get the look. We previewed it at the Wichita GTE show with our COTTEN friends and it was wonderfully received.


Come out to the southwest some time and tell my son how awesome his idea was. He loves to talk to people about it. Nothing more engaging than having some transition from childhood toys to something more sophisticated like N Scale model railroading.

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