Little Barrow Jctn - Quad / Tunnel

Built By:David S.

Description:This is the Junction to the Zig Zag to the Island of Sodor for Thomas and his friends.
An electronically switched 5 position Zig Zag up a 1:17 grade running automatically.
The double main line passes into a tunnel at the front of the display, linking T-Trak both ends.
The branch line allows connection to Sodor, and passes in a tunnel under the Windmill at BR (40mm clearance) specs.

This module operates completely automatically and independently from the branch line and two main lines.
Children spend ages watching Thomas (or Percy, or James) climb up the zig zag and disappear into the tunnel to Sodor.
There are 3 sidings concealed in the tunnel, and locos + train alternate through the sequence, leaving the kids to wonder who of Thomas and friends will next appear. (should a derailment occur in the hidden tunnel, the mountain roof can be removed.)
All the while "Diesel" is running backwards and forwards on a section of track in the goods yards, to further entertain kids.
And the windmill slowly rotates at 4 rpm.
Note the "Fat Controller" at the top end of the platform.
Two controllers and all controlling circuits are mounted "Inside" this unit, and are powered by 2 x 16v AC 1.5 amp plug packs.
(David spent ages modifying pcb's and inventing circuits to make the fun happen.)
This is a Quad unit, 1238mm x 400mm, using the extra 50mm allowed, both front and back, to still fit within T-Trak specs.

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