Llanelly Goods yard A - Quad / Set

Built By:Peter S.

Description: Llanelly is a 12 track wide Quad interchange goods yard and holding yard, that can be joined A + B + C to form 3 x Quad units or just join A to C for 2 x Quad units, if the longer track is not required.
All points are remotely controller with Peco point motors, with switches at the back of the module.
This is a Quad unit. = 1238mm x 400mm, with one end tapered to join with standard T=trak modules.
Matrix point motor switching is used to set the track with a capacitor discharge unit to assist switching up to 6 point motors.
Both Modules A and C have trailing three way points. (We have found they can cause derailments when used in the direction of travel.)

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