Llanelly Goods yard C - Quad / Set

Built By:Peter S.

Description:This is the opposite end to Llanelly Goods yard A, featuring an isolated group of sidings for programming DCC locos.
This Quad module = 1238mm x 400mm with a tapered end to join to standard T-Trak modules.
All points are remote controlled with Peco point motors. The switches being at the back of the module.
Note that the 3 way point is trailing out of the sidings (British trains on the left track), plus the use of a double slip point.
Normally, we have found double slip points are a problem, but this one has not caused any derailments or problems.
We did have a double slip on module A, but it did not like fine scale or standard N scale locos and rolling stock, so was converted to back to back medium points. Now, no more problems with any type of train.

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