Lunetta Yard

Built By: Thieu

Description: Yard

The Lunetta Yard has been build on two double straight modules, so it measures about 4ft/122cm. It is long enough to hold a fair amount of freights cars and even some passenger coaches. On the left I built a small engine shop and diesel facility.


The yard modules has not been completely finished yet. It still needs some details like signs, people and junk. The fascia must be painted green, just like the rest of the modules.


Engine shop
Many years ago, I have bought the wellknown Walthers eninge shop. Because of its size, I was never able to use it. And of course, it would also never fit on my T-Trak modules. But I really wanted an engine shop! So I decided to build one my own.

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One of the advantages of scratchbuilding is that you can design a building that fits perfectly on the available spot. I designed my engine house in a way that it would fit in the rather small area on te left side of the yard, with room for one track inside the building and one track next to it. I used white styreen to construct the engine shop. After painting, I weathered it with pastel powders.

%2812%29%2022%20juni%202014.jpg %2815%29%2029%20juni%202014.jpg %2816%29%2029%20juni%202014.jpg

Diesel facility
The small empty space between the mainline and the locomotive spur had to be filled with a diesel facility. I had a leftover tank that could be used again. I made a hose out of Fimo (well, my wife made the hose, since she uses Fimo for her hobby). Thanks to the small diesel facility, I can not only spot an engine on that track but also service it.

Next to the diesel tank stands the New Haven tower. It's a scratchbuilt tower that I have used on other layouts.


Background buildings
I wanted to create the illusion of an industrial district, but had no room for it. However, with some background buildings of just 1cm in depth, I could show some large factories without having to incorporate the complete buildings. I had some leftover background buildings from my former layouts, and I could use two of them: a kitbashed factory of a Pola kit, and a scratchbuilt factory.

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