Main Street Corner

Built By: Barry Fisher

Description: This module was my second attempt at an inside corner. With the combination of my Snow shed Corner I was able to create a U shaped layout with control and viewing from inside the layout. This design was very pleasing and I still prefer it as a layout option.


The module is slightly elevated with a 4cm piece of blue foam forming the base of the scenic section of the corner. A small section of main street is depicted with a bank (station set from Faller) and a hotel ( a card model from an Australian Manufacturer) and a selection of other buildings from Europe and the USA to give a unique Aussie feel of the Main street. A selection of vehicles are located on the street, driving on the left of course.


The small corner store has been internally detailed as a coffee shop, in spring and summer a small set of tables and umbrellas are placed on the paving outside. Moveable detail like this add interest at an exhibition, and they are quite fun to build. There is a scratch built hose drying tower out the back of the fire station. This is a feature that I haven't seen modeled elsewhere. There is heaps of minor detail across the module and it it pleasing when these are noticed at an exhibition.


Constructed: June 2008

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