Main Street Corner

Built By: Barry Fisher

Description: This module was my second attempt at an inside corner. With the combination of my Snow shed Corner I was able to create a U shaped layout with control and viewing from inside the layout. This design was very pleasing and I still prefer it as a layout option.


The module is slightly elevated with a 4cm piece of blue foam forming the base of the scenic section of the corner. A small section of main street is depicted with a bank (station set from Faller) and a hotel ( a card model from an Australian Manufacturer) and a selection of other buildings from Europe and the USA to give a unique Aussie feel of the Main street. A selection of vehicles are located on the street, driving on the left of course.


The small corner store has been internally detailed as a coffee shop, in spring and summer a small set of tables and umbrellas are placed on the paving outside. Moveable detail like this add interest at an exhibition, and they are quite fun to build. There is a scratch built hose drying tower out the back of the fire station. This is a feature that I haven't seen modeled elsewhere. There is heaps of minor detail across the module and it it pleasing when these are noticed at an exhibition.


In 2019 i decided to remodel this corner module. I managed to pick up a roadway corner that matched closely the original road that I had used. The DFO shop at the end of the street was lifted and removed for reuse on a later project. A small retaining viaduct was shortened to match the height of the foam board and detailed to fit the end scene requirements. At home, I hope to have N-scale tourists taking shots from the new footpath on the top of the viaduct at this end of the module. They will be viewing a Tomix girder bridge that will become my new ‘duck-under’. Hopefully this new end-scene on ‘main street’ will keep the viewing public looking inside the scene rather than looking over the edge. The new coffee shop owners at the old corner Ice cream store have installed umbrellas for the benches outside the cafe, hopefully also a pleasant view of the main line action as it winds past in the cutting at the front of the module. A semi trailer and a few cars are placed across the join in the roadway so that it becomes difficult to focus on the newer scenery compared to the old. Some brick paper modelling card was added to clean up the ends of the front cutting and a few extra plantings of model trees completed the detailing. The most touched part of any of my modules was left secured on the front edge of the module, it is a small dump truck. The glue must have partly dissolved some of the base of the model as it has stuck firmly for eleven years.

Constructed: June 2008 modified Feb 2019

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