Mark T. Bell

About Me or What I Like Most About T-Trak

On again, off and on-again in N-scale. First and current layout is on a door set to N-Trak height. I build the base for a custom N-Trak corner connector and was going to expand my layout to the N-Trak standards. Unfortunately with time passing I developed limitations in mobility (terrible back). It brought me to realize I just can't crawl around on the floor to work under my current layout - here comes T-Trak to the rescue!

With T-Trak I can work at table top height sitting in a chair and readily flip a module onto its side to work underneath. (I like automation so anticipate running wires, attaching control boards, etc.) T-Trak also allows me to expand my layout in more bite-sized chunks.

Northeast Georgia T-Trakers?

I am looking for any T-Trak enthusiasts on the northeast side of Atlanta in the I-85 / I-985 corridor.

My Modules

Modules are on their way with an initial three planned for expansion to my custom corner connector and old door layout. For a view of my door layout:

There is also an example video of a railroad crossing automation I did using an Atmel ATTiny 85 microprocessor (Arduino midget) with input to trigger the crossing bucks coming from a Digitrax BLD-168.

I will add additional videos and pictures as the layout grows.

Country Living - A pair of matching double transition modules
Intermodal Transfer Yard - A double wide module with LED illumination
Bellville Trainzilla - A 180 end cap in a Godzilla scifi theme

My Trains

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