Calendar of T-Trak Events

To add an event:

1. Click the Google Calendar button on the bottom right of the calendar.
2. Create an event on the proper date. Title the event with the City, ST [optional country).
3. Invite moc.elgoog.radnelac.puorg|o8kvv0g5pt379spek4gm6u8o71#moc.elgoog.radnelac.puorg|o8kvv0g5pt379spek4gm6u8o71 as a guest to the event.

Hint: Add the above address to your contact list as "T-TrakWikiEvents" to make adding the address easier.

To add the T-Trak Events Calendar to your own Google Calendar:

1. On your Google Calendar select "Other Calendars > Add by URL"

2. Copy and paste this URL in the entry box and then select OK:

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