Mc Donald's Rail Crossing

Built By: Barry Fisher

Description: This module was my first attempt using the Kato road crossing straight tracks. I experimented with a few materials to get the grass look in the fields. I finally used a cheap microfibre cleaning cloth which I soaked in diluted brown and black acrylic house paint. I then washed out the cloth to obtain the brown/yellow grass field colour. It has always been a very popular module at exhibitions as it encourages lots of 'finger touching' to understand the "feel" of the grass.


The road construction crew add a nice bit of detail to the sticker backed roadway film.


The billboard is a bubble jet print on glossy computer paper. Kids love that sign every time it is displayed at an exhibition! We sometimes find the Peco crossing gates closed during a long day at an exhibition, but remarkably they have never been broken by a child or a loco that finds them closed for roadway traffic.

Completed: Nov 2006

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