About Me or What I Like Most About T-Trak

I've been into Model Railroading since the 80's when i visited the San Diego Model Railroad Museum at Balboa Park. I frequented the museum often and even started amassing my collection of buildings and trains at that time. About 1988 i somehow found myself president of Plano Association of Model Railroaders. We had a few hundred members but only about 10 that seemed active. I put out the newsletter monthly and attended meetings. I had my first working layout in 1990.

Sometime near this time, i also acquired an old NTrak Module. A few of us were N scalers and the Tex-N Ntrack club was born. We went to the shows and all and the club grew on. Life, kids, etc happened, i had expanded my home layout once and then disbanded it with a move in 2002. i did not pick up the layout again until moving into my current house in 2016. I once again have a nice layout…never finished.

I'm looking at downsizing in a few years so i know my current layout is not coming with me. I will keep the switches and buildings etc, but my next place will either not have the space or i'll have alot more than i currently have. We will see. I like the idea of ttrak as i do like alot of 'scenes' that change and this is easily done with ttrak.

I've decided to make my modules entirely from 3d Printing mostly as a challenge, then scenery being regular ground foam, etc.

I am currently on my second version of module.

My Modules

My Trains

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