Monkton Park Terminus Station Throat

Built By: Dan

Description: This non-standard triple module is a terminus station throat to work with the signal modules used by Monkton Park Primary School T-Trak Club. This module is wired b-w-b-w so I had to adapt the adjacent signal module (which is b-w-w-b) with an automatic polarity change-over device. The module interfaces with standard 210mm T-Trak modules at the thin end, with an extension on the front of the module to make the fat end 300mm wide. The module will attach to a non-standard platforms module at the fat end.

The layout is controlled using JMRI, with interlocking data and control panel based on British Rail Western Region 1960s multiple aspect signalling. MERG circuit kits are attached to the underside of the module, allowing computer control of the points and signals.

MPTST_1.jpg The control panel in JMRI attempts to simulate a BR Western Region control panel.
MPTST_2.jpg Module work in progress: Track attached and trying the depot for size. The depot building hides some buttons that will eventually control automatic signalling.
MPTST_3.jpg Module work in progress: Woodland Scenics road system plaster and Sculptamold smeared over the module.
MPTST_4.jpg Module work in progress: Basic scenery painting has started.
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