MPTT Demonstration Module

Built By: MPTT

Description: This is the original demonstration module I built in the summer of 2017 to prove the concept at the first meeting with the school headmaster.


The Demonstration Module, showing its age a bit, in a layout at a W5TAG meet in August 2022 alongside the vitally important box of biscuits!

The module is an 18mm plywood plank with 50mm Celotex rigid insulation carved into a simple embankment landscape, coated with paper towel soaked in glue. The five "stripes" on the module are:

  1. Unpainted white paper towel
  2. Painted green with a household paint from a high street shop
  3. Woodland Scenics green blend turf
  4. Woodland Scenics bushes added for more texture and colour variation
  5. Man-made features added: some Peco lineside fence and a Ratio telegraph pole.
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