MPTT's Balloon Loops

Built By: MPTT

Description: This pair of balloon loops were assembled quickly for use as part of an electronics demonstration stand at an exhibition, but sadly the event in April 2020 was cancelled so they've not been used in public.


The track layout is from a design on the Unofficial T-Trak Handbook website and uses Kato 20-100 R249-45 curves. Both loops feature a Unitrack rerailer track to help with loading trains onto the layout. Two different methods of completing the loop are used: one loop has the extendible Unitrack section and the other uses Unitrack adaptor pieces with a length of Peco flexi-track.

Because they were produced in a hurry, the balloon loop modules themselves are a very basic robust construction: an 18mm plywood deck on four softwood block legs with adjustable screw feet. There is no scenery, the modules are just painted matt green. The intention is to use the space inside the loop for leaflets or demonstration items like an example single module.

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