MPTT's Countryside Modules (10)

Built By:MPTT

Description: We have ten straight single modules with either cuttings or embankments and simple ground cover, which we've improved with trees and fence posts. (Line-side fence being a characteristic feature of railways in Britain.)

These modules were the first built by the original club members when MPTT was founded in the Autumn term 2017. The modules have been maintained and improved by newer club members.

The modules are constructed from Celotex insulation board on 18mm plywood planks, as described in the Unofficial T-Trak Handbook website. The insulation is covered with green paper towels soaked in diluted PVA glue. Ground covers and trees are from Woodland Scenics.

MPTT%20Countryside%201.jpg MPTT%20Countryside%202.jpg MPTT%20Countryside%203.jpg MPTT%20Countryside%204.jpg MPTT%20Countryside%205.jpg MPTT%20Countryside%206.jpg MPTT%20Countryside%207.jpg MPTT%20Countryside%208.jpg MPTT%20Countryside%209.jpg MPTT%20Countryside%2010.jpg
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