MPTT'S Desert Modules (4)

Built By: MPTT

Description: To mark our making contact with - as far as we know - the only other (and oldest) primary school T-Trak Club in the world at Sechrist Elementary School in Flagstaff AZ, we built four new single modules in November 2019 with an Arizona desert theme. We also ran a guest locomotive from Arizona at the School Christmas Fair.
MPTT_Desert_1.jpg MPTT_Desert_2.jpg MPTT_Desert_3.jpg MPTT_Desert_4.jpg
We researched the area near Flagstaff using Google Maps and videos on YouTube. Our modules are built using Celotex building insulation on 18mm plywood planks, covered in green paper towel soaked in diluted PVA glue. The scenery surface was painted with a sand coloured emulsion paint. We tried some new scenery techniques we haven't used on our previous modules: we used Woodland Scenics buff ballast to represent the rocky/sandy texture, we attached plaster rock castings and coloured them with dilute liquid pigments.
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