Nishi Kawanaga

Builder: Philip C
Owner: Martin E

This is an extension intended to be attached to the left of Kawanaga. "Nishi" means "west" in Japanese.

This module features a row of traditional Japanese shops, including a clothing shop and tea house. Some maintenance sheds are next to the station. The right of way is fenced off, and a cat is sitting on the fence.

On the front of the module, I have some autumn trees and joggers with dogs. Some viewers have thought that it's strange that I put trees along the front of the module, but this is to enhance the illusion of distance. In the real world, it's usual to have to look past things to see the trains.

At the left hand end of the module, a driver is doing a burnout in a Nissan GTR. Since the photos were taken, I've updated the scenery a bit - his luck is about to run out as the police are just coming around the corner!

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