Built By: Dan

Description: This module is a tribute (rather than a replica) inspired by a photograph in the August 2022 edition of Modern Railways magazine, showing the eleven mile post on the North Kent Line (NKL 11MP) where it runs parallel to the new Elizabeth Line between Plumstead and Abbey Wood. I was looking for a relatively quick to build single module I could use reversibly as either a 33mm spacing or 25mm spacing module, so this prototype location with the new line alongside the original line was ideal. The opportunity to model 25kV AC overhead line equipment and 750V DC third rail electrification on the same module was a bonus.


I had to make a few compromises for speed and simplicity: I wasn't going to try to colour-match the ballast to the pink-ish ballast in the photo nor paint the NKL's sleepers as concrete sleepers. The interval between the two railways is 8mm wider than the real thing in order to have both lines 38mm from the edges of a 210mm-wide standard module. I used Scale Model Scenery fences for the "asset protection fence" that separates the two railways. I estimated the height of the tall fences along the railway boundary and made those using 2mm scribed planking sheets. After having a trip to Abbey Wood on the Elizabeth Line, I think the noise-mitigation fences are too tall, but I said it was an estimate!

NKL 11MP made its public debut at the Swindon Railway Festival 2023. It was used all weekend with trains running on the 25mm-spacing tracks, with ESK August 2022 and ESK May 2022 either side providing the 33mm to 25mm transitions. The 33mm tracks were used occasionally for static display of spare locomotives.

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