Builder: Philip C
Owner: Ed H

This module depicts a German S-Bahn (heavy rail rapid transit) station, and is loosely inspired by Heidelberg Altstadt station. (Altstadt = "Old Town", or historic city centre).

This was originally built by Glenn M, a former member of NVNtrak, and I acquired it when he moved away from the area. Glenn built the retaining wall at the rear, but the foreground scenery was sparse, consisting of just a small American-style station and a road crossing. The trackwork included a Kato double crossover, but I removed this as I have plans to use it elsewhere.

The new station is a Kibri kit, actually a model of Goldberg station in the Stuttgart area, but many S-Bahn stations have a similar appearance. Other aspects of Heidelberg included, to give a generic impression of the area, are a city gate, cobblestone street, historic city buildings, and the Philosopher's Way, which is a walking trail on the other side of the river from the station in the real world.

Modern S-Bahn trains are typically articulated train sets with short length cars - these look good running on T-Trak. The ET425 type is a ubiquitous sight throughout Germany, and Kato produced an N scale model in early 2012.

Module overview.
Bird's eye view.
ET425 passing under the pedestrian overpass.
ET425 at Heidelberg Altstadt station.
Heidelberg city gate, which is next to the station.
Heidelberg Hauptstrasse (Main street).
The Philosopher's Way.
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