Built By: Kent Smiley

Description: This module is inspired by a train video I was watching where the train was coming along the track with the photographer standing on the road. The train appears to burst out of the trees, across the bridge and then disappears. So this is a plank module. The plank is way overkill for a T-Trak module. It is actually an off-cut from a set of steps our church built for a needy family. It seemed about the right depth, and I had a buddy cut it to 308mm, thanks Mark! The embankment is a piece of 1" foam shaped into flat topped triangle. I scratch built the walkways on either side which were above the road level. the earth slope between the walkways and the road was made with small slither of shaped foam. Tree's have arrived, they're those cheap ones off eBay with the trunks painted with folk art paint from the local craft store. I also sprayed the really hideous green ones with something darker. The bridge is Atlas single track 5" long which I cut the sides off, widened, and added a center beam.

So the build was a bit different than the usual approach. The base, bridge, embankment, road, and walkways, were all built and put in place before the track came along. Trees were last to be installed followed by a car and some signs for the bridge.

Some under construction photos.


After a few touch ups on the scenery around the edge of the road, adding signs to the bridge, and a car on the road, with Indiana tags mind you, I took some photos with and without flash. I do need a back scene to mask off the 1:1 stuff around the room!


I like this photo Matt took of his Amtrak P42 on the bridge.


The inspiration


It was suggested I use the photo of the prototype as a backdrop. So I made a display board and glued the photo onto it.

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