Gentle Meadow

Built By: Steve J

Description: This module is one of the first two T-TRAK junction modules which were built. (The other module is Old Crossing.) I built the junctions for the Capitol Limited convention in 2004 and based them on the design of the NTRAK junction modules that our club used. The frame is made from 1" by 3" pine with a 1/4" luan plywood top.

I added power to all three legs of this junction module and I like having the power there so long as I remember to keep the feeds straight.

I really like the Kato bridges and wanted to include one on the junction, so I added it to the straight leg when I built it and included a low area for the bridge to cross over.


Here are Gentle Meadow and Old Crossing configured to connect two loops at right angles.


Here they are back to back creating two loops on a single table.

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