Herndon 1905

Built By:Kent Smiley

Description: This is a model of the Herndon Depot as it would have been in 1905. NVNTRAK: T-TRAK division sets up a small display inside the Depot, now a museum/historical society, in March and December each year and I thought it would be cool to have a module in the layout that depicted the area. Its only a single so I had to be choosy as to which buildings were included. The Depot was a no brainer. Also included the Milk dock, and the Pharmacy across the tracks from the Depot. The Depot was extended and modified since being built in the 1860's although it is still recognizable today. The Pharmacy burnt down years ago although appears in older photos of the depot. I think it works as a view into the past of what a small part of the area looked like 120 years ago. The module is a single with a 2" extension on the front, and is powered. There are a few things to fix/add to the module, including rebuilding the paper stand in Pharmacy which is too big in my opinion in its current form.

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