JD Industries

Built By: Steve Jackson

Description: I built this junction module, along with Texas Flood, for the Derby City Express convention in Louisville, KY in June 2008. I already had my first two junctions, but we wanted another pair for the show, so I built these; however, since that time, they have mostly just lived in my basement because I never added power drops. I recently decided that these modules need more run time, so I pulled them out, added power, and then started using them.

I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with this module for scenery. I wasn't feeling inspired. As a result, I asked a friend, John Drye, if he would mind playing around with the scenery for this module since the convention was fast approaching and the module was still naked plywood.

He ended up developing the scenery you see here, so I decided to name it for him.

Here is an overview of the module:

Here is a closer shot of the industry and switch tower:

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