Mountain Line Module Set

Built By: Nick S

Owned By: Mitch B

Description: This set of eight modules includes a mountain line. There is also a transitional Mt. line module that will allow the set to be connected to a regular T-trak set up. The straight modules are all doubles while the end loops are 180s.

The Tall Timbers Tramway is where I got the idea for these modules and my modules follow their specifications as detailed in the pdf below.


These modules are a part of the set. Note: The modules are named with letters. AB goes next to BC which goes next to CD, etc. Two modules were added after the set was built so these modules are called CC and DD since they were added later.

Here are some overview shots of the whole set.


Here is a diagram of the Mountain Line Modules with the 180s allowing it to run as a stand-alone layout and with the transition module allowing it to connect to a larger T-TRAK layout.

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