Peaceful Crossing

Built By: Steve J

Description: This is one of the first modules that I built. It is built on a 1" x 3" pine frame with a 1/4" luan plywood top. The size is the original 310mm by 210mm. This module crates up with Power Creek for transport.

I wanted to be able to move trains from one track to the other so I decided to include a double crossover on one my first modules; however, I quickly discovered that the double crossovers include an electrical feature which results in a break in the current flow. In order to use the double crossover on a single module, I had to open the double crossover and rewire it so that I would not have the break.

I added a Digitrax UP5 to the module so that it can be used as a Loconet connection point.


Here is a detailed shot of the switch tower

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