Reed Bros Hardware

Built By: Steve Jackson

Description: This module is a T1-TRAK junction that allows us to have a T1-TRAK section; however, it has most commonly been used, along with Emma's Horse Farm, to create a setup track on the end of a loop as was done at the Bunker Hill Train Club Show in April 2013.

The junctions were used for T1-TRAK sections at Greenberg's Toy & Train Show in 2008, the World's Greatest Hobby Show in 2010, and at the NMRA Minicon in 2011.

Reed Brothers Hardware was the local hardware store where I grew up in Dallas, TX. It was run by the Reed Brothers who seemed to know how to fix pretty much everything and certainly had great customer service. Finding a store like that these days is a chore! While the real store was in a shopping center, this model shows it right up next to the tracks.

Here is an overview of the module:

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