Russian Village

Builder: Philip C
Owner: Ed H

This module was originally built by Glen M, as a "Signal Tower" module. It previously featured a signal box and double crossover. I acquired it when Glen retired and moved away from the area.

When Chris White from Red Star Railways announced that he planned to produce N scale Russian freight cars, I decided to turn this into a Russian module. It has been displayed on his trade stand at several shows.

I removed the crossover and original structure, and added some "dachas" (country houses outside a large city), an orchard and a small church. The hill at the back was part of the original scenery.

The houses are made by Pegasus Models and are close to N scale. They are intended for use by military diorama builders. The log cabin style houses are "Russian" farmhouses, and the ones with thatched roofs are "Ukrainian". The church is a Faller model. The prototype is Swiss, but it was the closest thing I could find to an onion dome church.

The truck is actually a model of an Isuzu, made by Tomytec. After doing some research on Wikipedia, I chose something that looked close enough to being Russian. On one occasion, Dmitry, a member of JRM originally from Russia, asked me where I found the Zil truck, so I guess that counts as a success. Dmitry also provided some advice about the appearance of Russian crossing signs and catenary masts.

Module overview.
DR 120 Class / M62 and "Zil" truck
Horse riders and Russian farmhouses
Small church
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