Sklias Ethanol

Built By: Nick S

Owned By: Steve J

Description: The Inside Yard is created from four doubles and two singles.

Here is a diagram, created in Visio, of the module set.


November 8, 2013: This module set was recently acquired by Steve Jackson and will be transformed into an Ethanol Plant.

The following diagram depicts how this module set may look when completed. The new set includes one double and two triples for an 8x equivalent. The set includes a grain unloading track, an ethanol loading track, two storage tracks and a siding for dropoff and pickup. A track is also provided on the left end of the set for a switcher. The set is intended to be completed in time for the Capitol Limited 2014 convention.


January 23, 2014: The frames for the three modules are completed and the track has been installed.


Here are the modules in this set.

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