Texas Flood

Built By: Steve Jackson

Description: I built this junction module, along with JD Industries, for the Derby City Express convention in Louisville, KY in June 2008. I already had my first two junctions, but we wanted another pair for the show, so I built these; however, since that time, they have mostly just lived in my basement. I recently decided that these modules need more run time, so I pulled them out and decided to start using them.

The name comes from a few things. First, I was born in Texas and I remember specifically going down to my grandmother's house near Brazoria, TX and seeing the Brazos River running high, but it was brown! The soil in that area is primarily silt and clay so the river carries a large sediment load and looks brown from one side to the other when it is in flood state. I also am a bass player and play a lot of blues. Stevie Ray Vaughan had a song called Texas Flood that I liked, so the name seemed appropriate.

This module has the tracks just above the floodwaters with some cows swimming to safety while the rancher waits on the roof of his house for the rescue team in the canoe.

Here is an overview of the module:

The rancher waits on his house.

Swim cows, swim!

Here is a photo with Philip C's loco pulling my Czech passenger cars across the module.

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