Whistle Stop Corner

Built By: Steve J

Description: This is one of the first modules that I built. The corner module has a small general store and grade crossing.

As this was one of my first modules, I over-built the frame. It is made from 1" x 3" pine with a 1/4" luan plywood top. In order to create the little hill on there, I used plaster cloth. The material was very easy to work with, but as you can see from the photos, every time it is nicked, it requires touching up the paint to cover the white.


Whistle Stop Corner now has a Model Power N Scale Water Tower that I bought sometime over the past few years. I added the tower to the module because I liked the way it looked, but I never even tried to see if the light on the top worked until the fall of 2016. When I did wire it up, I was very disappointed with the function of the factory incandescent bulb, so I replaced it with a flashing LED and was much happier with the results.

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