NWNTrak Table Top Division
Location: Chicago, Il (NW Suburban area)

General club info:

Northwest N-Trak is an N scale, modular model railroad club. We have an open admission policy and are actively seeking new members regardless of level of expertise.

T-Trak Standards:

  • Spacing: Mostly 33mm spacing. Some 25mm and single track.
  • Module depths: 210mm (8 1/4"), 300mm (11 3/4"), 168mm (6 5/8"). some use of additional 25mm (1") front projection. Some 'odd' depths — 12" including front projection, full 14".
  • Module height: 70mm (2 3/4") -0/+ 1/2".

DCC Standards:
We usually run the layout DCC. System is Wangrow System One and NCE PowerCab. Plugins provided for tethered throttle plugin.

Home Website: http://www.nwntrak.org
Email: gro.kartnwn|ofni#gro.kartnwn|ofni
Mail: Northwest N-Trak
P. O. Box 11
Cary, IL 60013

Club Events, Members and Modules

Modules to add

Just some placeholders until I get more info or around to them.

  • Bob Myers
    • Home layout left blob
    • Home layout right blob
  • Joe R
    • Double #1
    • Double #2
  • Tom P
    • (more)
  • Jim O'D
    • Double
  • Clay W
    • Double
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