Panel Optimization On Sheet Material

by Roger McCarty of So Cal T-TRAK

Here's a fantastic website/app for anyone using sheet material and wanting optimized panel placement and cutting instructions.

Given the size of your sheet material and the dimensions and quantities of the panels needed, the website can optimize placement and minimize waste material or cuts. A cut list and order are provided as steps to follow. You can even output to a PDF for later reference.

Units? We don't need no stinkin' units

The units of measurements are not needed. But if not specified, you will need to consistently use the same units. I prefer to work in metric so the numbers you see might seem odd.



Here's an example of input and an optimized placement diagram after the Calculate step has been completed.


You can then select specific cuts in the lower right Cuts pane and the location is highlighted on the placement diagram - 1st cut.


When selecting the 4th cut.

Other features

Options and preferences are available by choosing the gear icon in the upper right. Units can be selected here if you choose to use them.

If important, grain direction can even be taken into consideration.

CAUTION: Don’t forget to specify your actual kerf value [zero seems to be the default] or your results will be incorrect!

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