Phillip D. Weston


Retired after 40 years of service as a Wildlife Biologist and Wildland Fire Management Specialist with the US Fish & Wildlife Service and USDA Forest Service. Former Director of the National Interagency Prescribed Fire Training Center. I also served as a Planning Section Chief on various Federal Incident Management Teams responding to such emergencies as wildfires, hurricanes, floods and oil spills.

I joined BBMRA about 7 years ago and currently serve as the HO Division Coordinator and also as a member of the BBMRA's Annual Tallahassee Model Railroad Show & Sale Committee.

As a youngster I grew up on property in upstate New York adjoining the Erie Lackawanna Railroad. I enjoyed my Lionel O Scale railroad. After distributing my collection to my 3 adult sons for my 9 grandchildren to enjoy I discovered a residual box of HO trains in our storage. Since the grand kids were coming to FL for a Christmas visit about 7 years ago I put up a quickly assembled 4x8' table in my garage to run trains during the Christmas season. They enjoyed them so much that I couldn't put them away and I began learning model railroading in a smaller scale and finer detail. That layout has grown larger with more detail since. T-TRAK is a different twist. I enjoy T-TRAK HO Modules because they allow us to build one captivating scene after another with outstanding portability that allows the interests & talents of all our HO Division members to be interconnected and displayed for the enjoyment of others.


Autumn on Maple Hill Lane
Pappy's Pecan Orchard
Crabapple Knob Wildfire
Waffle House Gathering
Golden Peanut Company
Mo Skeeter's Fishing Lake
Poteet's Seafood Market
Sawyer's Bandsaw Mill
Sheep Cote Farm
Skyview Drive-in Theater
Sun & Wind Energy Park
West End Industrial Park - Module 1
Train Town Hobbies
Black Needlerush Marsh Crossing
Trail to the Fire Tower
Vulcan Mfg Company
Lunch on the Food Corner

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