BJ-Pinedale West

Built by: bj d

The west (or left-hand) module of the Pinedale Engine Terminal set.

This module is currently on the workbench getting some much needed maintenance, electrical upgrades, scenery and structures.

I've been inspired by the photographs of the Japan Rail Modellers of Washington DC modules, especially their ability to squeeze really well thought out scenes on the front 1.5 inches of the module. That is one area I will be focusing on in the next few weeks.

The roof of the roundhouse is removable for track cleaning. the roundhouse is a Walthers kit, highly bashed. The "story" behind it's odd looking front is that Pinedale RR is very old and it began with small 0-4-0's and 4-4-0's. But over time, larger locomotives were gradually purchased and the roundhouse could not be expanded without relocating it, which was more costly than the little railroad could afford. So the decision was made to remove the front stall doors and add a porch style roof to accommodate and protect longer locomotives. The same is true of the turntable. A Mikado just barely fits.

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