Port Village Right

Built By: John G

Description: Began in December, 2015, this is the right half of the two triple-length module Port Village Set. This module features (or will feature) a waterfront spur (meaning the spur drops down in elevation) for industry and ship loading. There is also the long road bridge scratch built out of styrene and cardstock. This module uses the foam-on-plank construction method.


Overall view of the module


Top down view showing the track layout


Front view showing the spur elevation change


Paper ship model by scalescenes.com. Great model but took a lot of hours!


Scratchbuilt styrene road bridge including laser cut card stock railing and paper roadbed.


Another view of the spur elevation change. Had to rework the spur decline, rather than a sudden change from the horizontal track to the declining track, I had to partially decline the first track section, decline more the second track, more the third, then reverse at the bottom. Otherwise the cars would detach from one another as one car declines while the the other is still on the horizontal track. The spur has an average 3.5 degree decline to drop 1 inch over 20 inches of track length.

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