Power End Cap

Built By: MPTT

Description: Our Power End Cap has a DCC command station (CANCMD), cab sockets (CANCAB), a USB computer interface (CANUSB4) and CBUS activity indicator (CANACT) built from MERG kits. The circuit boards are on display for all to see and ask questions about. In December 2019, we added a DCC programming track and further MERG kits: a DCC booster (NB1B) and Raspberry Pi interface (CANPiCAP).
The command station is not hardwired to the track: there are two RCA jacks on the end of the module connected to power droppers allowing the tracks to be powered using a DC controller. A flying lead from the DCC booster connects to our DCC bus cable. There are also sockets to connect the 15V DC supply for the DCC booster and 12V DC supply for the electronic circuits. The Power End Cap has sockets for the MERG CBUS and 12V DC connection to the Signal modules.

Original November 2017 condition: MPTT%20Power%20End%20Cap.jpg
Additional circuit boards added in December 2019: MPTT_Power_End_Cap_2019.jpg
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