Punxsutawney Yard - Center

Built By: Bradd W

Description: A 21 inch deep, quad length module making up the heart of the Punxsutawney yard. At the rear (north end) is an engine servicing facility.

The red/yellow lines are set XXX inches back from the front edge. This allows the back edge to line up with other standard modules so that, even though it is a deep module, it can be used back-to-back in a standard loop setup without an issue (Just the need for more table space out front). The rear of the module includes power switches for each of the 8 sidings. These allow us to power up/down a particular line should our layout be using DC.

The optional, removable, control panel for controlling the turnouts connect here.

To the left is the West Ladder and to the right is the East Ladder.


(need photo of power switches, and photo of the control panel.)

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