Quad Einewinkle Chemicals

Built By:BARR_ceo

Description: Quad with power, double crossover on mains, Inglenook switching game. Under construction.

"Work In Progress" photos. These will be taken down and replaced with pictures of the finished module when completed, and this moved alongside my tutorial pages. The module is usable now, but still unfinished .

Initial Track Plan:


Bare module with Kato Unitrack laid on top. Waiting for delivery of a few small but critical pieces before attaching track. Due to some re-thinking after the drawing, it's turned out to be a quad x 14" module, rather than 12" wide.


I played around with the pieces a little when they arrived, and developed a slightly different track plan. This is the module as finally assembled: (click picture to enlarge)


… and the track list:

Einewinkle Chemicals
Inglenook T-Trak quad module

Count | Description
    2 | Kato Unitrack 20-004 Dbl Trk Straight  248mm
    1 | Kato Unitrack 20-012 (1/2 + center) Straight 186mm
          (Cut from 20-012 double track piece)
    1 | Kato Unitrack 20-012 Dbl Trk Straight 186mm
    3 | Kato Unitrack 20-032 Mag Uncoupler 64mm
    3 | Kato Unitrack 20-035 Bumper C 2

      | Kato Unitrack 20-042 (1/2) Straight 62mm (2 needed)
    1        Note: Both of these pieces cut from a single 20-042 Double Track 62mm piece

    1 | Kato Unitrack 20-042 Dbl Trk Straight 62mm
    2 | Kato Unitrack 20-150 Curve 718mm radius 15°
    1 | Kato Unitrack 20-210 Double Crossover (optional, but you must make up 310mm
         in length if you omit it)
    3 | Kato Unitrack 20-875 Straight 248mm
    1 | Kato Unitrack 6-L    20-202 #6 LH Turnout
    2 | Kato Unitrack 6-R    20-203 #6 RH Turnout

The cut pieces are a result of my wishing to use all concrete tie track for my modules. If concrete ties track pieces were not available in the right type or curvature, I painted the wooden ties of standard length to match the concrete ties. On the turnouts and uncouplers, it was only necessary to paint a few ties on each end. The curved pieces were a little more tedious…

Tie spacing is closer on the concrete tie track than it is with the wooden ties, but with the wooden ties painted the difference isn’t as obvious as it might be otherwise.

Looking from the sorting tracks towards the main. The spur is gapped just before the turnout, so that the puzzle tracks are isolated from the main line. There will be a gate across the track just before the gap to keep anything from crossing the gap until you want it to!


One of the 44 tonners that will be working the chemical plant. Note that the uncoupling magnets have been painted to better blend into the scenery. You can also see the effect of painting the wooden ties on the turnouts to match the concrete ties on the tracks.


The lading platform and pump control house. The platform is plain styrene, scribed in 10 foot (.75 inch) sections and painted in three different shades: a base coat of gray, then dappled with buff and light gray, then finally washed with black. I'm planning on adding hoses and pipes on the platforms as well, giving it an "in use" look. LED "stadium" light standards are also planned.


The upper two tracks have "extra" cars on them that will be blue flagged, indicating they cannot be moved. I won't bother with them at home, but if I'm using this at a show, those cars will be present, and there will be no couplers on them so that they won't hook up with the other cars and make things even more difficult. The silver tanks between the tracks at the end of the module will have fire hydrants next to them, and be labeled "Fire Retardant"


This shows how neatly the cards and the tank cars line up.


The cards are sized to fit inside a heavy duty hard plastic card protector (like those used for Pokémon or Magic: The Gathering) sideways, then the protector is trimmed to fit. This should make them nearly indestructible, and protect them from dirty fingers. The information on the cards, as well as the picture, should make it simple enough for even children to play (supervised, of course).


Update 2014/08/13:
Gorgeous day today, so I took the module outside to do some more work on it and take some photos. I've added one stretch of chain link fence along the main lines (still have to add some other shorter sections, and the gate across the track…) as well as glued some storage tanks in place, and the catwalk between them. (Click images to view full size…)

IMG_0136.JPG IMG_0140.JPG IMG_0139.JPG IMG_0141.JPG IMG_0142.JPGChemical%20Tank.jpg

Also got the parking lot and road lined. It's coming along quite nicely, I think. I'm awaiting the parts for the turnout control panel - that may get a separate blog entry unto itself.

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