Railway Modellers' Club of Queensland - Tall Timber Tramway

Location: Brendale (North of Brisbane), Queensland, Australia

The TALL TIMBER TRAMWAY is a purpose built N Scale exhibition layout by some members of the Railway Modellers’ Club of Queensland (RMCQ) and some members of the Gosford City Model Railroad Club Inc.

The 'unified' T-TRAK modules are based on a common theme of around 1900 American (US) Logging and Mining, but there has been no attempt to make the modules exactly match.


T-Trak Standards:

  • Australia T-TRAK Guidelines plus…
  • Additional raised (mountain) line, The mountain line is built to comply with an internal standard (available on the t-trak yahoo group),
  • All modules built to a standard/common theme (we refer to as 'Unified'),
  • All modules are coupled to the modules either side (daisy chain) using an 8 Pin DIN wiring harness (internal standard developed by the Gosford people). Most modules have the RCA connectors for backwards compatibility to the T-TRAK standard.
  • Overhead lighting using LED strips (the ones designed for use on cars)

Track used:

  • Kato N Scale Unitrack (generally, only the the module joins and corner modules),
  • Peco Code 80 flex track,
  • Peco Code 80 elecrofrog points (exclusively)


Home Website: http://rmcq.org.au/

Some videos…

Club Events, Members and Modules

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