Rick Hartung

Rochester, NY

Superintendent of Genesee & Ontario Model N-gineers
Member since 1995

My T-Trak Modules:

All modules use 33mm "alternate" track spacing with adjustable feet. Kato "Unitrack" is used throughout, unless otherwise noted. All are DCC compatible.

Single Straight Modules:
Chugger's Airfield #1 (Entrance & Guard Shack)
Chugger's Airfield #2
Chugger's Airfield #3 w/ feeders
Residential/Gas Station

Double Straight Modules:
Bellhart #1 w/siding (Midnight Lumber/Firehouse/Hotel)
Bellhart #2 w/rt. turnout & siding (Bellhart/McDonalds)
Bellhart #3 w/lt. turnout & siding (Bellhart/Train Station/A&W)
Bellhart #4 w/feeders & siding (Truck Transfer/Sunrise Feed & Seed)

Corners (90o) Modules:
#1 (Church/Residential)
#2 (Residential)
#3 (John Deere Supply)

Specialty Modules:
Tee Junction (Cemetery)
Endloop (Loco Service Facility)

Primary Consists:
B&O, Amtrak, Military, Circus, Live Stock, MOW & Coal

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